Room 303: Tuesday Afternoon
Braille. Really.
How does Matt Murdock divert himself away from the ugly thoughts of last week?

Books. Lots and lots of books.

Though he did leave the door open just in case anyone decided to try and distract him.


The Rooftops of Fandom, Friday Evening
The big push was on for the resistance and tomorrow was the big day. For his part, Matt was doing his best to take out as many surveillance devices as he could and then moving on to the next block to start all over again.

He wasn't sure how long or how far he could get doing this but at this point there was no turning back now.

The answer? not terribly long.Collapse )

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Room 303: Tuesday Morning
A small flub up with Portalocity not only meant a delay in getting to Fandom, it also meant getting stuck on a planet where the sulphur content in the atmosphere was slightly elevated in comparison to Earth.

While this might not mean much to a normal person with a normal sense of smell, to Matt it was 24 hours of stink that he could not hide from.

So despite the hindrance, Matt was grateful to be back in Fandom and a normal smelling place. Even if it did smell like it had rained sunscreen and popsicles.

Returning to his room, Matt discovered that Rebecca's belongings were no longer there and replaced with someone else's. Additionally Matt now had closet space where before he had none.

He wasn't sure exactly who his new roommate was but Matt already felt like they were off to a good start.

[Open door and post.]

The whole hiatus boogie
Hello there! Yes. I ain't dead.

So not to get into the whole ugly details, in the last month:
A. I lost my job.
B. I got a new job.

So yes, my life is a little nuts at the moment as I'm trying to focus on my new job and get everything in order. Additionally my new company is in the process of moving to a new location in the next week and somehow as the new guy I got put in charge of it all. To sum up: my life is chaos.

On the plus side my new job is awesome and I'm way happier now than I've been in my old job for the last six to seven years or so.

Anyhow, the plan right now is to take a couple of months off and return during the second half of the summer semester. All school-ish characters are off doing summery things at home while my townie people are... dealing with their respect sequels that are coming out sometime this summer. Maybe. As long as they don't suck.

Room 303: Tuesday Evening
What had started earlier as just a converstation, then flirting and then... well full out blantant flirting had finally led to Stacey and Matt to head back to Room 303 where they could have some time alone.

Which is why Matt was snickering as he fumbled with his keys to open the door.

"We'll be nice this time and not make out on my roommate's bed," he told Stacey as he found the key. "She's getting snippy about it."

And we call all guess what happened next...Collapse )

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Rooftops of Fandom: Monday - After Classes
It has been almost two days...Collapse )

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Saturday Evening: Room 303
By the time Matt got back to the room he was hot, sweaty, dirty and in a foul mood. The assassin he had run into earlier had given him the slip and Matt was beating himself up for letting him get away.

Stripping off his clothes he took a quick shower, dressed again and gulped down a cold cup of coffee he had found in the common room.

What he really needed right now was sleep but someone out there was a target of a hired killer. He'd sleep later.

For now he was sitting on the floor of his room trying to use some of the meditation techniques that Stick had taught him to clear his mind and a substitute for rest.

We'll see how well that works.

[Door closed. Post Open]

Early Saturday Morning: Rooftops of Fandom
It was your usual early morning routine for Matt. Once again he had woken up in the wee hours of the morning to go out and run around the rooftops of Fandom. For the past few weeks it had been pretty much a dry and usual routine with nothing interesting happening whatsoever.

Until he spotted something unusual...Collapse )

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Sunday Afternoon: Room 303
Girl parts or no girl parts, Matt was still Matt and while yesterday had its challenges there were some... Very nice moments too.

However the fact that Matt was a girl wasn't going to distract him from his work ethic, which meant him in his room with several Braille textbooks to occupy his time.

Yes. Even with breasts, Matt was still a bookworm.


Room 303: Saturday Morning
The problem with having enhanced hearing? When girls start shrieking all over the dorm you can't ignore it.

Which is why Matt leaped out of bed expecting the dorm to be under attack. Unfortunately since this wasn't his own body he ended up slipping and subsequently crashing his tiny butt on the floor.

"What the hell?"

And that would be Matt realizing that wasn't his voice. And after some quick physical checks he realized that this wasn't his body either.


Yep. It was that kind of morning in Fandom.



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